What Is The Yoga Wellness Company?

We are a London based yoga workshop and international retreat company offering inspiring courses to help transform both body and mind and bring about a greater sense of enjoyment and wellbeing in life.

Yoga Wellness

Our lives today are lived under enormous stress and pressure and we may regularly feel overwhelmed by it all. We often live for our weekends and holidays but our intention is to guide you to achieve a happier balance in life and elevate good health as a priority.

Our workshops and retreats are designed to create a space to work on yourself allowing you to relax  and release tension whilst renewing your longevity and wellbeing.

Yoga works with the mind and body in unison and is an ideal vehicle to bring about a personal sense of tranquility and peace which may have eluded you for a while.

Yoga Retreats

Our luxury retreats are held in exceptional locations and will give you a trip you won’t forget. Each will allow you to leave behind regular life and fully immerse yourself in rejuvenating your zest for life, whilst enjoying a new culture and place.

We love travel and our team have thoughtfully chosen our destinations to be memorable, deluxe experiences for each guest. The hotels offer many delights including luxurious rooms, delicious local cuisine, in-house treatment rooms or spas, sightseeing opportunities and gorgeous swimming pools.

The yoga sessions on these retreats are designed to be transformative and challenging to all who participate, whether new to yoga or seasoned practitioners. We also welcome those who want to accompany their partner or friend and only have a small interest in yoga. All classes are voluntary and we want to give you the option to decide what you need on a day to day basis. There will be many activities that you can take part in instead, or simply relax by the pool or in the spa.

Yoga Workshops

We have created intensive weekend workshops in central London to allow you to explore and deepen your yoga practice in order to bring about an improved state of overall health and equilibrium.

Our workshops are themed and will regularly incorporate wellness experts from other disciplines, including: meditation, nutrition, massage, philosophy, life coaching, and more.

Bespoke Workshops and Retreats

We can organise bespoke retreats and workshops for clients who are searching for something more personal to meet specific needs. Whether an intimate group, or a corporate event, we can work to your unique requirements to create the experience you are looking for. You will be assigned an Account Manager who will work closely with you to understand your preferences. Please get in touch to find out more.


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The Yoga Wellness
The Yoga Wellness