About The Yoga Wellness Company

At The Yoga Wellness Company, we believe that there is a lot more to life than late nights spent chasing deadlines. However, we also know that life sometimes necessitates these things… 

That’s why our founder, Jennifer Ellis decided to set up The Yoga Wellness Company – a luxury yoga retreat company offering those with a jam-packed diary, the opportunity to escape every-day life and find a little peace of mind in stunning locations across the UK and around the globe.

In our yoga retreats, we believe that your escape should be free from regimes and restrictive diet-plans, so all of our yoga retreats include private chefs to cater for your dietary preferences. Our locations are hand-picked by our team offering you great value and the best in comfortable accommodation,  combined with beautiful and cultural destinations. 

All our yoga retreats are truly unique in their experience.

Led by Jennifer Ellis or one of our small team of exceptional yoga teachers, all yoga retreats incorporate dynamic and restorative yoga twice a day helping to renew your longevity and well-being.


 Yoga Retreats 

Our yoga retreats are based throughout the UK and Europe. 

A reprieve from the confinements of home, our luxury yoga retreats will offer the opportunity to explore the beautiful world once more and to engage with others in safe environments. 

Our yoga retreats UK include destinations such as Scotland, England and the Isles and will cater for experienced yogis as well as a yoga retreat for beginners. 


Yoga Gifts

Recent events have emphasised the importance of staying active at home as well as preserving mental health and wellbeing. 

Inspired by our collection of yoga retreats, we’ve curated a selection of our best yoga gifts, including luxury yoga gifts such as our signature candle set – with scents reminiscent of our yoga retreats Europe – as well as gifts for avid yoga lovers such as our yoga bundle and lavender eye pillows.


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