About Us

Who Are We?

Here at The Yoga Wellness Company, we believe that there is a lot more to life than meeting deadlines and late nights spent in the office. However, we also know that life sometimes necessitates these things…

That’s why our founder, Jennifer Ellis decided to set up The Yoga Wellness Company – a wellness retreat company offering those with a jam-packed diary, the opportunity to escape every-day life and find a little peace of mind in bucket-list locations around the globe.

Unlike other retreats, we believe that your escape should be free from regimes and restrictive diet-plans, so all of our retreats include one of our talented recipe creators, who design delicious menus, incorporating fresh and local produce, to cater for your dietary preferences.  Our locations are hand-picked by our team offering you a selection of beautiful villas,  combined with renowned cultural destinations. All our retreats are truly unique in their experience.

Led by Jennifer Ellis or one of our small team of exceptional yoga teachers, all retreats incorporate dynamic and restorative yoga twice a day helping to renew your longevity and well-being. The yoga sessions on these retreats are designed to be transformative and challenging to all who participate, whether new to yoga or seasoned practitioners. We also welcome those who want to accompany their partner or friend and only have a small interest in yoga. All classes are voluntary and we want to give you the option to decide what you need on a day to day basis.

Bespoke Workshops and Retreats

We can organise bespoke retreats and workshops for clients who are searching for something more personal to meet specific needs. Whether an intimate group, or a corporate event, we can work to your unique requirements to create the experience you are looking for. You will be assigned an Account Manager who will work closely with you to understand your preferences. Please get in touch to find out more.


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