Corporate Wellness Retreats


Our founder, Jennifer Ellis, discovered yoga after years spent working in central London as a recruiter. Driven by a need for a greater sense of physical and mental wellness, Jennifer set up The Yoga Wellness Company to help other professionals reclaim their personal wellbeing through yoga retreats in England and Europe.

Now, following the success of The Yoga Wellness Company, we have turned our focus to Corporate Wellness – something we believe will be more important than ever following the 2020 pandemic. For most organisations, team culture and team building activities were restricted during the course of the pandemic, and unsurprisingly team morale and productivity have been impeded.

Corporate wellbeing is an essential part of organisational success, with poor mental health in the workplace costing UK businesses £30 billion pounds per year. Nonetheless, according to several blue-chip firms, over 30% of this cost can be prevented through proper management of mental health in the workplace – including prevention and early identification.

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Yoga and meditation classes, for all abilities, caring for both the body and mind.


Catering for all dietary requirements, healthy and nutritious foods to boost your body’s immune system.


Spa facilities and relaxation treatments available to rejuvenate and revive your body.


Hand-selected retreat venues from across the UK and Europe.