With Pancake Day and Valentines now tucked behind us for another year it’s hard to believe we’re already approaching March; it barely feels like a few weeks since we were taking down our Christmas decorations here at The Yoga Wellness Company and yet we will soon be fast-approaching spring (not that we are complaining!).

Already we are starting to notice that classes are getting thinner and gradually as the New Year enthusiasm wanes, we are all settling into our usual bad habits. Now, with Lent having just begun (whether partaking for religious reasons or just as an opportunity to exercise a little self-control) we think it’s time we take a moment to remind ourselves of our goals and help get ourselves back on track.

Here is a great message from Yamuna, posted at the beginning of this year, which reminds us that health is a personal journey – and that no two people will benefit from the exact same diets or wellness initiatives. Instead LISTEN to your body and instead of enrolling in fad enterprises simply make gradual changes to your lifestyle that can become part of your everyday regime.

“January is the month where everyone is making New Year’s resolutions. These usually include eating better, losing weight, getting a gym membership or signing up at your local yoga or Pilates Studio. People genuinely do want to do what they believe will be healthy and better for them. There are just so many things that seem to get in the way. People never seem to have enough time and yet in the end the time you take for yourself is what you wished you had taken more of. The way we eat is a hard one to change for many people until a doctor forces us to make changes or wind up with a much bigger health problem. There is so much written today about how to make healthy changes in our eating that it is hard to know what is right for your own body. We all know that the old meat, potatoes, and bread diet is unhealthy and yet if this is what you grew up on, it is your comfort or go to food. We know that eating more fresh fruits and vegetables is good for most people unless they suffer from certain intestinal issues. The big problem in all of the dietary information that we read about is that it is NOT for everyone. What works for one person may not work for the next. I think time and paying attention to our bodies will tell us what our bodies feel good with eating and what not. In time, most of us when forced to listen to our body’s messages begin to listen. If you eat something and suffer pain and indigestion your body just spoke to you. If you eat the same thing again and your body suffers pain and indigestion you will probably assess that you should stop eating that food. If you don’t listen and keep eating the same food, your body will start screaming at you with more pain that can develop into a more serious issue. So what are you waiting for?

Starting to listen to your body is one of the best things you can start doing for the New Year. When you actually begin to dialogue with your body you will see just how plugged in it is to every aspect of your life.

Trying to make sense about what is good for your body from all you read and hear rather than asking your body, doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. When you dialogue with your body you will be amazed at its wisdom. Why not start the New Year with a resolution to actually dialogue and listen to your body more? Just ask it what it thinks about some of the plans you have for it. When you hear the term a “gut reaction” that is your body speaking to you and it is usually right. Start looking inside for your answers. Don’t doubt your body message over what someone else is telling you. Open dialogue with your body is a great focusing tool that helps you to stay connected on many levels. Start your new year by listening to your body. “

Yamuna Zake, creator and educator www.yamunausa.com