With a crash of thunder and a crack of lightening, our English summer is over and we are clearly heading into autumn. Summer seemed to take a while to arrive and then only recently realised the extent of its’ potential.

So, feeling a little disappointed to already be bidding farewell to the fleeting warm days, I looked in to what great things were coming in the next months – and found there was lots to get excited about! Plus I suddenly ended up with a list of things to do in the house before winter!

Here’s our list of the top ten things to do this autumn.


  1. Cupboard Rotation. It’s time to pull out all the sweaters, boots, jumpers, coats and scarves. Make sure that you are prepared for the change in weather and if you need to make a few investments in your winter wardrobe.
  2. De-clutter your summer wardrobe. Before you pack all your summer gear away, check and see what you can get rid of – if you didn’t wear it this summer you probably won’t wear it again! Don’t let storage take over more of the house than you! If you’re feeling really keen, keep going around the house and have a good throw out. Donate, recycle, sell or, if need be, chuck things out!
  3. Long walks are back! It’s the perfect season to go for long walks in the park or through the country. Don’t forget your phone to snap a few photos of the colourful leaves!
  4. Hot Chocolate and other warm drinks are back in! Pumpkin spice lattes are being sold again in Starbucks and it’s the perfect antidote to chilly weather.
  5. Try out some new recipes and make your house feel homey and smell great! Soups particularly are a good shout. Here are a couple of links to some great looking soup recipes. (Lemon chicken Orzo Soup and Mixed Vegetable Minestrone.)
  6. Have an autumn makeover in your living room by changing the accent colours (e.g. throws, cushions, etc.).
  7. Decorate your house with pumpkins. Whether you enjoy carving pumpkins or not, a fall decorative display using pumpkins, outside a front door or as a centrepiece is beautiful and eye-catching. See pinterest for inspiration!
  8. Check your house for draughts and fill them in as quickly as possible before it starts making an impact on your heating bill.
  9. Try out a new sport or club to keep fit and healthy and keep you active in the darker months. Check out our London workhops and international retreats if yoga is a passion for you.
  10. Host a harvest party for friends – it’s always great to have a excuse for a party!


Although we will miss the long days and warmer temperatures, there are many fun things to do in the next couple of months.