Whilst we all adore embarking upon tranquil adventures overseas, some of the most relaxing, enjoyable retreats are actually a lot closer to home than you may think. So, why choose the UK for your next yoga retreat?

Beautiful countryside

It is impossible to deny the natural beauty of the UK, from its serene coastal views to lush greenery. In particular, one of our retreat locations this year, the Lake District, is famed for its rolling hills and mountains, in addition to its namesake: the idyllic, glacial lakes. This British haven is the ultimate real-world example of the literary ‘sublime’; if its picturesque views and fresh country air weren’t relaxing enough, the fact alone that it boasts the ultimate star gazing spot, promises the most idyllic evenings beneath the stars.


Our second retreat location is Edinburgh. This vibrant city, home of the renowned Edinburgh Fringe Festival, is surrounded by acres of gorgeous countryside. This rugged, hilly landscape – which includes the famed challenge of conquering Arthur’s Seat – is bejewelled with beautiful lochs, craggy cliffs and stunning gardens. Whether you’d prefer to peruse the cobbled streets of the city, go for an early-morning hike up a hill, or lie on the sand and watch the sunset, Edinburgh undoubtedly caters to all, especially those who long for a relaxing retreat. Additionally, most holidaymakers will be jetting off to international vacations, so your visit will likely be largely undisturbed.

Environmentally friendly

It is no secret that the less distance you travel, the more you safeguard our beautiful planet. Travelling in the UK is far better for the environment and as such the addition of UK locations to our retreats this year was no accident. Part of Yoga Wellness’s 2020 Sustainability goals was to reduce our carbon footprint by incorporating more UK retreats into our portfolio – thus, this is precisely what we have done. So please, join us in making your getaway that little bit friendlier to the beautiful environment we so enjoy.

Delicious local produce

There’s something about food which has been sourced locally which always tastes so much better. Here at Yoga Wellness, we love to work with local farmers, sourcing the best organic ingredients for you. So, when you embark upon your relaxing retreat with us in the UK, expect delicious brunches and decadent dinners – all made from fresh, locally sourced, British produce. Having nourished yourself from within, you will undoubtedly leave feeling energised and revitalised!

What a journey!

Finally, choosing the UK for your next yoga retreat will give you the ultimate perk: hassle-free travel to and from our retreat locations. In the past, guests have lamented over troublesome flights home – with a stressful journey undoing the relaxation of the yoga retreat. We know that many of you will relish a venue that promises a swift and uninterrupted journey home, allowing retreaters to reap greater benefits from the experience.


For more information on our 2020 retreats visit our retreat pages: www.theyogawellnesscompany.com/collection/retreats/ or email us at [email protected]